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The mission of the Fairfield SWCD is to be a progressive natural resource advocate by assisting the public with conservation choices.

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Latest News:

 - The Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission is asking for your assistance in updating the 2002 Fairfield County Development Strategy & Land Use Plan.  This plan examines land use, housing, economic development, utilities and transportation.  Click here to complete the survey.

 - Pet Waste and Lawn Litter....not a good recipe for storm water systems.

  • The Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission is updating the 2002 Fairfield County Development Strategy and Land Use Plan.  This is a comprehensive plan that examines, land use, housing, economic development, utilities and transportation.  Please help them plan for agriculture in Fairfield County by completing the survey at the following link: https://s.zoomerang.com/r/FairfieldPlanFarmSurvey

  • Fairfield County has put together a Broadband Committee comprised of local community leaders and is performing an assessment of the county’s broadband environment.  They are asking for public input by conducting surveys of local residents, businesses and other organizations across the county. 

    Responses will help them better understand the existing resources and capabilities they now have to support the access, adoption and use of broadband technology in our homes and businesses. 


    To take the survey, please go to http://connectmycommunity.org/fairfield-county/ and select the appropriate option. 


  • It may be cold outside, but we "Got it Covered".  Cover crops, including grasses, legumes and forbs are planted in bare crop fields or gardens for seasonal cover and other conservation purposes to reduce erosion and soil compaction, increase soil organic matter, capture nutrients, increase biodiversity, suppress weeds, manage soil moisture and more!

  • Pet Waste and Lawn Litter:  Not a Good Recipe for Storm Water Systems.

  • Click here for more information on Home Leaf & Yard Waste Composting.

Upcoming Events/Workshops

 - 74th Annual Meeting/Banquet being held on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at Alley Park.

 -  Board of Supervisors Election being held on September 14 prior to the 74th Annual Meeting/Banquet.  You can vote absentee starting on August 24 by using the following appropriate forms:  Resident Request Form; Nonresident Affidavit; Non-Resident Firm Corporation, LLC, Trust Request Form; Corporation Affidavit.  Please call 740-653-8154 for additional information.

New Programs & Info:

 - Conservation Funding Opportunities and Programs

 - Conservation Stewardship Program (CStP)

 - GovDelivery available to public.  Receive information on topics you choose.  Click here to subscribe.




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